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Venetian Night Highlights

2023: Venetian Night boat was called Toy Story. Very colorful and creative featuring “The Rockets Red Glare, a racecar commemorating Nascar's first venture into Chicago, and All-American Mr. Potatohead dancing and singing along with a Happy 4th of July banner. Entry was by: Diane & Adeline Bieniarz and Tim Kohlstedt.

2017: Venetian Night 7/3/17, winning boat: Ice Cream Truck presented by Diane & Adeline Bieniarz & Tim Kohlstedt.

2016: The WLYC sponsored Venetian Night was held on Saturday night, 7/2/2016. It was a perfect night with 11 boats participating in the parade around the lake.

2015: (with trophy & decorated boat) The WLYC sponsored Venetian Night was held on Friday night, 7/3/2015. It was a beautiful night and six boats participated in the parade around the lake. The winning boat was artistically created by the threesome of: Diane & Adeline Bieniarz & Tim Kohlstedt.  Each person on this team did a different task in the design. One person drew it, another painted it and another put it to music.  In fact they have won the last 4 years, so we recycled a hand created Yacht Club trophy placing a plaque on each side with their names and the winning years and themes.  They were thrilled. 
2015  Then and Now (Space Walk) 
2014  Olympics 
2013  Dragons (2 photos) 
2012  Small World


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