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2017 Flotilla

It was a windy evening, so we took refuge in party bay (how appropriate) for our party. We had 30 fun loving participants, 9 pontoon boats tied together, and plenty of yummy appetizers including Ken Shaleen's seared tuna. Stay tuned for our next event, the Pontoon Progressive Dinner Party on 8/19


C Scow LogoThe C Scow was the first class of scow built by Harry C. Melges, Sr. in 1945; it quickly became an all-time speed favorite. The C Scow has come a long way from the days of wooden materials and cotton sails. It continues to be a very revolutionary sailboat, inspired by more than 100 years of competitive racing. This cat-rigged, maneuverable sailboat is great fun and a total pleasure to sail..... Very Fast, Fun, and Furious!