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WLYC Flotilla 2017

WLYC Flotilla 2017

It was a windy evening, so we took refuge in party bay (how appropriate) for our party. We had 30 fun loving participants, 9 pontoon boats tied together, and plenty of yummy appetizers including Ken Shaleen's seared tuna. Stay tuned for our next event, the Pontoon Progressive Dinner Party on 8/19

Pontoon Progressive Dinner Party

August 13/2016 — Theme: Cowboy Steak Out! Another fantastic weather day, high 70's, low humidity, beautiful. There were 76 cowboys/cowgirls in attendance. Hosted by Karen Lavin for appetizers and Dennis & Jeannie Gallo for the main course and dessert. Gail & Roberto Monroy did a fabulous job grilling the ribeye steaks and preparing all of the dinner's side items.

The Buoys are in...

Lots of buoys, lets start!

Several Yacht Club members and their recruited helpers put the buoys in the lake on Saturday, 4/16.  It was a beautiful unseasonably warm April day.  A big thanks to Dennis Gallo who rallied the troops consisting of:  Greg Pierce, Dennis Palys, Ron Newman, Tom Cooper, Ken Shaleen, Tony Mussel, Bob Schell and Bill McKinney.