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WLYC Flotilla 2017

WLYC Flotilla 2017

It was a windy evening, so we took refuge in party bay (how appropriate) for our party. We had 30 fun loving participants, 9 pontoon boats tied together, and plenty of yummy appetizers including Ken Shaleen's seared tuna. Stay tuned for our next event, the Pontoon Progressive Dinner Party on 8/19

Pontoon Progressive Dinner Party

August 13/2016 — Theme: Cowboy Steak Out! Another fantastic weather day, high 70's, low humidity, beautiful. There were 76 cowboys/cowgirls in attendance. Hosted by Karen Lavin for appetizers and Dennis & Jeannie Gallo for the main course and dessert. Gail & Roberto Monroy did a fabulous job grilling the ribeye steaks and preparing all of the dinner's side items.