Fish and Weeds Regatta! Saturday, Sept 7th

This is an annual regatta between Wonder Lake, Brown's Lake and Pistakee Yacht Clubs. This year the event was hosted by the Wonder Lake Yacht Club. 13 C-scows participated: 7 from Wonder Lake, 4 from Brown's Lake, and 2 from Pistakee.
It was a great day for sailing, blue skies and "plenty" of wind out of the West/SouthWest. The races were filled with exciting twists and turns, or perhaps I should have said tacks and jibes.

During the first race we thought John N. had 3rd place sewn up, until Roger, his crew fell out of the boat only 50 yards away from the finish. Sailing rules state you have to finish with skipper and crew in the boat. In the attempt to get him back in the boat, they capsized, with the remaining boats finishing all around them.

Then in the second race Randy's mast came crashing straight down into the boat, due to a broken front cable. A reminder for everyone when you take your mast down this fall to check your front cable at the top of the mast where there is a clip in case it has frayed the cable.

After the second race there was a break for lunch. The Westenberger brothers from Brown's Lake must have really been hungry, in their hast to sail to the moorings they capsized. We also saw Bill F. fall out of the boat during the 3rd race, but he was able to grab a line, and with skilled skipper Ron quickly tacking the boat, put Bill on the low side making it easier to get back in, barely getting wet with minimal time lost.

Due to the wind velosity, the 1st and 2nd races went pretty fast at 5 and 7 legs. After lunch the wind died down a bit after the start, making the 7 leg treck seem long, but then it picked up again midway through. Even though Ken Schroeder could not make it for the race, his boat was present being skippered by Marie Offenwanger who did a great job along with her crew of ladies.

Tom Pomierski and Will Plant from Pistakee took 1st Place overall, Ron Bjurstrom and Bill Fulford WLYC took 2nd, Hank Reinke and Kevin Barr from Pistakee 3rd, Marie Offenwanger/Patti Hartman/Kelsi Offenwanger WLYC 4th, and Tom Felker and Lee Verhagen from Brown's Lake were 5th.   

Great racing and competition by all. It was also great to see sailors of all ages out there, from teenagers to seasoned verterans, men and women alike. And thankfully no one was injured in any of those exciting events that occured. Jim Jensen did his usual great job setting the course and judging with the assistance of Jack Giba and during the final race, Randy Watkins in the committee boat.

Much thanks to everyone who helped pull off a very successful event: Greg and Jeannine Pierce, Jim and Jan Jensen, Bill & Carolynn Fulford, Ron Bjurstrom, Randy Watkins, Tom Cooper, Jack and Cindy Giba, Dennis Palys, and Tom Henely from Horizontals provided our lunch, beer and great looking graphics on T-shirts, sweatshirts and golf shirts.

Another Great Day on Wonder Lake!

Boat # Skipper Crew Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Total Place Comment
IW 1 Bob Gallo Ken Shaleen 11 9 9 29 10  
IW 6 Dennis Palys David Zeigler/GregP. 10 12 8 30 11  
IW 14 Marie Offenwanger Patti Hartman/Kelsi 3 4 5 12 4  
IW 20 Randy Watkins Greg Pierce 2 13 13 28 9 #2DNF #3DNS
IW 88 John Naatz Roger Bacon 13 5 13 31 12 #3DNS
IW 99 Ron Bjurstrom Bill Fulford 4 2 3 9 2  
IW 727 Terry Ridenour Macaenzi & Jato 9 8 9 26 8  
I III Tom Pomierski Will Plant 6 0.75 0.75 7.5 1  
BL 6 Tom Felker Lee Verhagen 5 3 6 14 5  
BL 13 Wally Brown Gidget Brown 7 6 4 17 6  
BL 300 Tom Westenberger Olivia Schultz 8 10 7 25 7  
BL 300 2.0 Andy Westenberger Joey Westenberger 12 11 13 36 13 #3DNS
Y 7 Hank Reinke Kevin Barr 0.75 7 2 9.75 3  
Set Course and Judge              
  Jim Jensen Jack Giba/Randy Watkins