Mr. Bill's Race Report- July 5th 2009

Race 1:  Jim Jenson has been telling me that no is really challenging the line this season so Ron & I, 2, gave it a shot. Looked like it was working out for us, unfortunately it worked a little too good.  We were over early by about 4 feet.  So after re rounding the mark we took off after the fleet, dead last.  Ken Schroeder, 14, was out front, with Dennis Gallo,1, looking very good in hot pursuit, those being the first boats to round the mark.
Winds were very light and variable, and the boats that prevailed were the ones that were able to consistently find a breeze.  A lot of dead pockets out there.  At one point the entire fleet  arrived at the leeward mark at the same time.  I don't think that 's ever happened before.  what was amazing to me was how little "conversation" there was among the tight group of boats trying to round a mark with no wind at all.  some separation developed on the last leg with some boats finding air ant others not.
Hey, at least we got to go sailing, right?
Race 2:  A very interesting start with several boats making a port tack start from the pin end.  Ken Schroeder 14 and Ron/Bill 2 headed off well ahead of the pack, rounding the first mark side by side with Bob Gallo 24 right behind.  Bill, driving 2 hit the mark and had to do a penalty turn, losing position to Gallo.  Eventually the generous lead was whittled down by the boats in pursuit and ended up with a surprising finish.
Congratulations to Bobby Gallo, who was looking very good all day.
Boat                           Position, Race 1        Race 2
1,D. Gallo                                    8                7
2 Ron / Bill                                  4                3 
4 Wayne Mike                             6                5
5 E. Stygar III                              3                6 
6 D. Palys                                  10               9
88 Naatz                                    DNS            DNS
14 Schroeder                               1                2
15 Offenwanger                           DNS            DNS
20 Watkins                                 2                1
23 Henely                                   DNS            DNS
24 B. Gallo                                 5                4
12 Pierce                                   9                8
8   Barr                                      7                DNF 

727 Ridenour                              DNS           DNS