Mr Bill's Race Report July 26 2009

Recap of Sunday, July 26.
Sunday brought a beautiful morning and a fair breeze, with no doubt that we would be racing. 
Thanks to Pete Schulze and his niece and nephew for serving as race committee.  This was Pete's first time out and he did a fine job.  We also learned that Pete likes a tight starting line.
Race1:  Several boats were carrying extra crew due to the moderate breeze.  Starting from the east shore with a short line, several boats were over early Watkins, 20, hit the port mark and had to do a penalty.  After that got sorted out, the positions began to unfold, with the fleet separating to different sides of the course.  As the fleet converged on the windward mark, it was Stygar 5 and Fulford/Bjurstrom 2 practically side by side,  Stygar took the lead with Fulford/Bjurstrom, immediately following.  2 was carrying a young crew, who unfortunately fell out of the boat at the mark rounding.   Watkins 20 and Schroeder 14 were immediately behind and thanks to some quick action by them, young Nick was avoided.  By the time Ron & Bill 2 collected their crew,  they had dropped to 4 the place.   Wayne & Mike capsized at the 1st mark, and it took a while to right the boat. I saw some mudstains on the sail, so Wayne will be sending that out to the cleaners this week.   Further back there was some tight racing with the entire fleet maintaining contact.  Stygar 5 and Watkins 20 led for the next 2 legs.  At the 2nd leeward mark, 5 & 20 ran wide coming out of the turn, leaving a huge opening for Schroeder 14 to walk through.  Coming to the finish Ron & Bill 2 got by Stygar 5.  I don't have official scoring but the top 5 Spots were  14, 20, 2, 5, and Jim Barr 8. 
Race 2:
Again several boats over early what should have been a general recall.  I know Pete will handle this correctly should it happen again.  Ron & Bill 2 and Jim Barr 8 got a jump on the fleet and carried on in close contact with each other. Schroeder and Watkins following and again the whole fleet maintaining close contact.  Stygar 5 seems to have faded after a great 1st race.  The wind started to die down and the guys set up for heavier air suffered a little.  At the finish,  Ron & Bill 2 were still in close racing with Jim Barr 8 with Schroeder 14 making a run at it near the end.

Again, no official scoring, but the top 4 were 2, 8, 14, & 20.