Mr Bill's Race Report- July 13 2009

Once again, we had postponement to let the breeze show up.  I really wish that breeze would start getting here on time !
Race 1:
The windward mark lay to the NW.  Most boats were late to the line.  The ones on time got a clear start and a big jump on the rest of the fleet. 2, Ron-Bill and 14 Schroeder quickly separated from the rest of the fleet and continued to widen the gap with 2 leading at the windward mark.  Quite a little contest up front.  I'm afraid I can't comment on what else was going on.  For once, I was focused on what I was doing in the boat instead of looking around.  20 Watkins brought the fleet up the lake.  We finished to windward with 2 & 14 still duking it out to the end. 
Race 2:

The start determined the outcome of this race.  20 Watkins started at the pin, immediately tacking to port and sailed away in clear air.  I don't know how Randy figured out to be up there, cause it didn't look like that to most folks.  24 B. Gallo came off the line like he was using a motor, quickly forcing 14 Schroeder to tack out of bad air early sending him to the right side of the course with Watkins, which clearly was the place to be.  From that point on, it was a 2 boat race and the separation continued to grow.  2 Ron-Bill and 5 Stygar bringing the rest of the fleet along.  Kenny and Randy were over the horizon by the time the rest of us finished.