The Buoys are in...

Lots of buoys, lets start!

Several Yacht Club members and their recruited helpers put the buoys in the lake on Saturday, 4/16.  It was a beautiful unseasonably warm April day.  A big thanks to Dennis Gallo who rallied the troops consisting of:  Greg Pierce, Dennis Palys, Ron Newman, Tom Cooper, Ken Shaleen, Tony Mussel, Bob Schell and Bill McKinney.
Buoy placement in spring and removal in fall are the only fund raising efforts that the Yacht Club does.  This helps to fund the clubs award trophies, 4th of July parade entry, Venetian night award, supplies when we host the Fish & Weeds Regatta, and our beverages at social events.  With enough volunteers, the job doesn't take much time and is always finished with a fun BBQ on site.