9/12/15 - Annual Fish & Weeds Regatta

Saturday, 9/12/15, the Wonder Lake Yacht Club hosted the annual Fish & Weeds Regatta.  The weather played a role in the events' participants this year.  It was a pretty windy, chilly day, but 9 hearty skippers and crew were out there sailing 3 races on a North/South course from mid lake to the South end.  We had participating C-scows from Pistakee and Browns Lake.   Our race committee consisted of Jim Huemann from Pistakee and Marie, Kelsi & Bear Offenwanger WLYC.  A big thanks to all who helped pull this event together:  Greg & Jeannine Pierce, Dennis Gallo, Ken Shaleen, Ken Schroeder, Ron Bjurstrom, Bill Fulford, Dennis Palys, Mark Nichols, Marie & Kelsi Offenwanger, Jim Huemann, Jan Jensen, Mike Pliner, Wayne Motulewicz, Jack & Cindy Giba.       A big congratulations to all of the sailors and a great job sailing by the Wonder Lake Yacht Club.    

Sail#   Skipper           Crew            RACE    1     2     3        Final

IW8   Jim Barr           John                           1     1     3       1st Place
IW14 Ken Schroeder  Don Schroeder          3     3     1       2nd Place
BL13 Wally Brown      Gidget & Jon             2    4      2       3rd Place  Browns Lake
BL 6  Tom Felker        Lee Verhagen           6    2      5       4th Place  Browns Lake
Y4     Alex Vodick       Alana & Loren          5    7      4       5th Place  Pistakee Lake
IW     Greg Pierce     Patti Hartman             7     6     6        6th Place
IW1   Dennis Gallo    Ken Shaleen               9     5     7       7th Place
I99    Ron Bjurstrom Bill Fulford                 4     -     -        8th Place
IW6   Dennis Palys   Mark Nichols              8     8    -         9th Place